Friday, January 13, 2006

Science Cracks A Politically Correct Global Warming Myth

Oh yes, you see the signs everywhere: humans are evil; the rain forest is holy.

But new (UN-politically correct) research shows that plants are responsponsible for much of the greenhouse effect.

From New Scientist magazine comes this:

Vegetation, it seems, releases methane - not just when it rots, but under normal conditions. And it's no small amount either - between 10 and 30 per cent of all the methane pumped into the atmosphere. One reason why we may have missed this "minor detail" is that we know of no physiological reason why plants should make methane (see "The lungs of the planet are belching methane").

The finding clears up a number of observations that previously defied explanation, such as why methane emissions from rice plants increase with the area of foliage, and why rainforests give off large methane plumes.

Personally, I think that the environmental movement has been hijacked by the anti-capitalist, socialist movement who had no better way to harm free enterprise now that the fall of the Soviet Union exposed the flaws in their collectivist thinking.

I do believe we need to conserve energy and reduce the greenouse impact of industry and personal habits, but it needs to be done from within a sound, scientific and rational framework.


Blogger Mark said...

The anaolgy is fallacious. People can be evil or good but pforest simply are functioning properly or not. Don't ptretend tyo run for president on the back the likes of that reasoning. We already have enough of that.

for any sort of argument of this nature. The natural occurance of something doesn't negate the other source which is burning fossil fuels. Don't lose sight of the ball for want of radical-mocking. That's a right-wing staple and ill-founded.

1/20/2006 11:09:00 AM  

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