Thursday, January 12, 2006

Judicial and Legal Reform NOW!

My post on judicial reform filled my email in box to capacity.

Americans are fed up with a judicial system that protects criminals and deep-pocketed bullies who are able to buy what they want in court.

The issue is at a boiling point and will reach a disaster level unless reforms are quick and substantial. I could foresee an increased level of vigilantism by those whom the system has failed.

I am particularly distressed by small business people, entrepreneurs and individuals who are extorted into lawsuit settlements by well-heeled corporate thugs, simply because the thugs have more money, can afford to bring frivolous lawsuits that the small person cannot afford to fight.

At the very best, this is unAmerican and undermines our culture and society. If our institutions do not provide justice, I fear that victims will take matters into their own hands.

The rule of law is vital, but if it does not produce justice then is has no meaning and no moral force. Those who abuse the system should be warned.


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