Thursday, January 05, 2006

Media Bias in Palestinian Coverage

Buried inside newspapers next to the girdle ads is the story of increasing lawlessness in Gaza and more proof that the Palestinians are not ready for any level of autonomy and do not deserve recognition as a soverign state.

First the headline: Chaos in Gaza spills into Egypt

Then the story: "RAFAH, Gaza Strip — Hundreds of angry Palestinians streamed into Egypt on Wednesday after militants with stolen bulldozers broke through a border wall; two Egyptian troops were killed and 30 were wounded by gunfire during the rampage. About 3,000 Egyptian Interior Ministry troops who initially had no orders to fire swarmed the border but were forced to withdraw about a half mile, said security forces Lt. Sameh el-Antablyan, who announced the casualties."

Now the REAL story: If this had been Israel tearing down an international border and killing Palestinians, it would have been splashed large and live on the front page.

But it was Palestinians -- the pet projects of the American media and the U.N. establishment -- so the story was buried.

This is hypocrisy and bias, pure and simple and is one small example of the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Palestinians and the Left-listing American media.


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