Thursday, December 22, 2005

Washington, D.C.: America's largest government-funded pre-school

From Reuters, Dec. 21:

"BAGHDAD - Saddam Hussein denounced U.S. leaders as liars at a turbulent court hearing on Thursday and his once-feared intelligence chief abused prosecutors before threatening to boycott the rest of the trial."

Why do I get the feeling I have heard this before?

OH, yes!

From, Barbara Boxer and all the other dogmatic Lefties who are so obsessed with hating George Bush that they are blind to the reall issues of the day and have no brain power left to develop solutions.

Thereby, they join the Extreme Right in being nothing but captives of special interests, capable only of parroting an endlessly boring litany of platitudes, whines and Cassandra shrieks, all of which have previously been rejected by the vast majority of American voters who are fed up with their tax dollars being squandered by what has become the largest government-funded pre-school in America: Washington, D.C.


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