Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Pentagon (Dumb) and the White House (Dumber)

From the Baltimore Sun today comes this piece about some of the ultimate stupidity which confirms George Bush's unfitness as commander in chief:

"Military weighs cutting Guard
Army priority on equipment, not manpower
Sun Reporter
Originally published December 21, 2005
Pentagon officials are considering cutting as many as 34,000 soldiers -- the bulk of them from the National Guard -- at a time when U.S. ground forces are stretched in Iraq, according to defense officials.

"The proposed cuts are part of a reduction in the growth of defense spending over the next five years ordered by the White House. The manpower cuts stem from a decision by top Army leaders to sacrifice troop strength in order to provide money for new weapons systems and other equipment, said defense officials, who requested anonymity."

Read the rest online.

We need the troops. Indeed, we neef FAR more troops than we have now. If the current White House continues this insanity, it will accomplish the impossible: making Bill Clinton look like a Commander in Chief.


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