Friday, December 23, 2005

Judicial Reform is Vital

Judiciary Position Paper:

Reform of this nation's current judicial system is crucial to our future.

For far too long normal Americans have been aghast at a growiing number of incredible positions and rulings by our courts.

No wonder. Our judiciary has been infected by a philosophy that – in the case of criminal law favors the perpetrators, and in the case of civil law favors those with the deepest pockets.

"Justice for all" is a LIE and an empty platitude today. Sadly, the reality is that in America, you get just as much justice as you can pay for.

As president of the United States, I will end this and make "Justice for All" a reality.

A corrupting influence is the life time appointment. With the possible exception of the Supreme Court, no federal judge should serve more than 8 years without having to pass honest scrutiny of the people. Such a limitation would sharply lesson the tendency of some in the judiciary making decisions that are more designed to push a deviant point of view or to attract media attention, than to serve the honest interests of justice.

The Death penalty must be maintained and enforced on a more expeditious schedule.

There is no truer concept of "Justice" than assuring the protection of the innocent from evil and from evil people. Serial killers, serial rapists, traitors, and violent child molesters, must all be seen as continuing threats until they are eliminated from the population.

I am disturbed by the recent revelations -- mostly through the use of DNA technology -- that more than 100 innocent people may have been executed. I also believe that the death penalty has not been applied fairly in many cases. That would lead a reasonable person to conclude that the protection of society could be achieved by sentencing convicted criminals to life or life without parole.

I would support that, but only if those sentences are enforced to their fullest extent and that once a judge or jury has passed that sentence no changes may be made.

But I cannot support that position yet because there exists a shameful and cowardly record of liberal judges putting such people back on the street despite their having been sentenced to life or even life without parole. The history of liberalism in our courts offers no guarantee that either sentence will be enforced as perceived. That is the record.

And until those judges are removed and life or life without parole are properly enforced, then the death penalty is the only way to protect society.

The blood of the innocent who may be executed is on the lands of those liberal jurists.

I also support a "Megan's Law" style disclosure of those judges and of parole board members who set criminals free to kill, rape and brutalize honest citizens after their releasel. In many ways, these judges and parole board members are like sexual predators and people should know if one of them lives in their neighborhood or is a member of their church, professional, fraternal organization, business group, country club and so forth.

For this reason, I propose that every time a violent criminal on parole commits another violent crime, that a nationwide, online database display the names, photos and addresses of those responsible for setting the criminal free along with details about the victim and the crime perpetrated on them by the wrongly freed criminal.

These judges and parole board members live among us. We may know what their job is. But we need to be aware of when they foolishly endanger our lives. They need to be held legally and politically responsible for their actions, but we need to make sure that they also suffer the appropriate social and community censure, disapproval and (ideally) shunning.

Moreover, there must be a movement by those Americans honestly concerned about out of control liberalism to confront and end the ACLU and its assault on normal America.
In the 50s, normal, decent Americans rose up and ended the old KKK. It is time to do the same with the ACLU.

Their assault on the first amendment cannot be tolerated. They are engaged in a crusade to inflict atheism on all America as a national religion. That violates the amendment openly.
Beyond that, the ACLU defends violent child molestation, and the causes of many groups and individuals who mean evil to the people of this nation. That also cannot be tolerated.

The ACLU has, in the past, taken up worthy causes. But they are now dominated by extremists and immoral activists who will destroy -- not protect -- our legal rights and way of life.
The Judiciary is the third leg of our government. It is an integral part of our freedom. It is time for that element to be carefully and dispassionately surveyed and evaluated. Then we must get about the reforms I propose and those I will propose in addition later. Then and only then can judicial freedom and responsibility – judgement based not on whim but on the constitution and truth, be assured for all.


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