Friday, December 30, 2005

Fools in Palestine

The Palestinians are fools for continuing to attack Israel even after the Israelis have withdrawn from Gaza.

The Israelis were fools to give back all the hard-fought territory they won after the Six Day War. That includes the Sinai and Gaza. After all, the Israelis were the ones who were attacked. The aggressors have no right to attack and then whine that they lost the war.

This goes back to 1948 when every Arab nation surrounding the new state of Israel attacked it within minutes of it statehood.

Every Palestinian and Arab "activist" who decries anything about Israel is a whiner with no moral right to complain. Israel has always abided by the rules until attacked.

Stop attacking Israel and peace will happen.

But until the attacks stop, Israel is a fool to return one square inch of territory it has won in battle.


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