Thursday, February 16, 2006

Buy Arla; Support Freedom of Expression

In many news reports, I learned that one prominent Danish Company, Arla Foods, has been been singled out by some of the intolerant extremists for their boycott.

I wrote the company, asking for the names of their products and where I could buy them.

I just received an email answering that question and reproduce it below. I'd encourage you to print out this blog post and take it shopping with you. I am going to do that today.

Dear Gen. Clark Braxton

Thank you for contacting Arla Foods.

Andrew Simpson, the President of Arla Foods, is travelling today, but he has asked me to urgently answer your request for Danish products in the US.

Our products are sold throughout the United States at all major retail chains. Our products are usually found in the deli department.

ROSENBORG is our brand for Danish Blue Cheese. Rosenborg blue cheese has been made in Denmark since 1926 and today there is a wide assortment of different ROSENBORG blue cheeses available. All is based on many years of experience of making Rosenborg Danish Blue. More information can be found at

DENMARK'S FINEST imported Danish Havarti. This versatile mild cheese has a creamy, buttery flavor. It was invented by Danish Cheese Pioneer Hanne Nielsen and has been made for generations. Havarti can be found mostly in 8 oz chunks with different natural flavors.

LURPAK Danish butter, is probably the oldest and most widely distributed butter brand in the world.

MEDITERRA is our brand for imported Feta cheese. It comes in different varieties such as cubed in oil with spices among others.

DOFINO is havarti cheese, produced in the US, but following the same high standards as the Imported Denmark's Finest havarti.

Information about our products and brands in the US can be found at


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