Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Pathetic Comment on the State of African-American Society (And Where are Hillary, Jesse and Al?)

stop snitchin' I have long had the privilege of commanding, serving with and being commanded by African-American service men and women.

The American armed forces has shown that inequality can be defeated and that racist notions of superiority based on skin color are wrong -- both morally and in reality.

Yet African-American culture continues to suffer the depredations of violence and poverty.

Increasingly a few brave African-American leaders have begun to point out the significant roles played by the glorification of "gangsta" culture and the self-mutilating attitudes that getting a good education is somehow "too white." Sadly, these people get slimed by the victimhood special interests every time.

A news search by my campaign staff turned up a burning example of just how low attitudes can go. There is apparently a new brand of tee-shirt with the message, "stop snitching."

This tee-shirt, which is so popular that many stores cannot keep them in stock, says that African-Americans should not cooperate with the police who try to rid their neighborhoods of thugs, drug dealers, rapists, murderers and other criminals.

This defeatist and perverted attitude is nothing less than the ACCEPTANCE of those crimes and APPROVAL of the criminal parasites that prey on Black society. Anyone who wears this shirt or agrees with the sentiment has no reason to complain if they or anyone they love are shot, killed, raped or brutalized and deserve no recourse to courts or law enforcement.

As long as this attitude prevails, as long as being a thug is something to be glorified and aspire to and as long as education is only for white people, then sadly, these communities will reap what they are sowing.

And while we're at it, I've not heard Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or Hillary Clinton or anyone else on the Left Wing speak up against any of this.

But why should they? They all have a vested SELF interest in perpetuating a permanent culture of victimhood so that they can continue a brand of race-baiting demogoguery that would put George Wallace to shame.

Hillary and her ilk are all such natural enemies of the armed forces that they dare not tell people to look toward the military as a shining example of what personal responsibility, self-respect and promotion based on merit and accomplishment can do when the field is truly leveled.

Such a fact proves the greater one: those who eagerly embrace such "safe harbors" as socialism and other psychoses of the Left are beset with huge inferiority complexes, a terror of honest competition, and a void in such traits as ambition, talent, and drive.

Which is why protecting future generations from the rot of left-wing polics is so crucial ... true progress depends on initiative, ingenuity, and hard work. Today's CryptoLeftists in politics and academia -- who have defamed beyond recognition the once-honorable principles of American liberalism -- have absolutely no grasp of such and no principles other than their own selfish interests..


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