Friday, December 30, 2005

Presbyterian Fools in Palestine - Anti-Semitism?

Well, the good U.S. Presbyterians have sunk into an ethical -- but politically correct -- cesspool by drawing a moral equivalence between Palestinian terrorism and Israel's attempts to defend itself.

In an addled screed filled with garbage that looks scripted by Hamas, the Presbyterians have, among other things, advocated "...a phased, selective process of divestment with corporations whose practices support the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, assist the construction of the Separation Barrier, or facilitate Israelis or Palestinians with violent acts against innocent civilians."

Notice that the pious Presbyterian tract follows the same sort of moral vacuum that has allowed the U.N. to treat mass murderers in the same way as their victims (such as in Rwanda).

What's most telling is that the public discussions of this, focus primarily on "Evil Israelis" ... mostly because they have been effective in defending themselves.

This is not only morally corrupt, but is nothing less than thinly disguised anti-Semitism.


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