Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Top Democrats urge Cheney come forward on shooting

What's to come forward on? Two old farts who ignored some key hunting safety rules?

As someone who has been a hunter for more than 60 years, I believe the blame lies on more than the vice-president.

For example:

1. Always know where all the members of your hunting party are.

2. Never shoot until you have clearly_identified your target.

3. Was Whittington in "tall grass," having wandered off from the group to find a quail that he had shot? If so, he violated one key rule which was to announce that he was returning to the group and clearly tell people his position.

4. And where was the Secret Service? Did they not see a man with a big gun approaching the Vice President? If I get elected, I do NOT want those agents guarding me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay... I guess that I have read enough. Your standing up for Cheney after he shoots the other guy in the face proves just one thing.

Neither of you should be allowed to carry a gun. Basic hunter safety. If Cheney could only put the bottle down until five, he'd have been alright. And on caged birds yet.

Thank god he's too old to serve on the front lines. Oh, but wait, he might have had he not dodged the draft for ten years when he was young.

7/14/2008 03:36:00 PM  

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